Ductless mini-split systems provide zoned, whole-house heating and cooling. They’re among the most efficient options in residential climate control. Ductless mini-splits are easy to install, easy to maintain, and perfect for houses that lack central HVAC ducting. They’re also a top choice for adding heating and air conditioning to remote areas like finished basements, garages, and attics. However, before you purchase a ductless mini-split for your Lake Worth, FL home, it’s important to determine whether they’re worth their cost.

Ductless Mini-Splits Can Be Cheaper Than Their Alternatives in Some Instances

If you already have the HVAC air ducts that are necessary for supporting a central cooling system, a ductless mini-split air conditioner could cost you about 30% more than a standard central AC. However, if you have an older home that was built without ducting, you’ll pay a lot less to have a mini-split put in than you will to retrofit your home with air ducts. You’ll also sacrifice a lot less indoor space.

There’s also the fact that not all ductless mini-splits are air conditioners. Ductless heat pumps are recognized for providing impressive, year-round value. During the warmer months of the year, ductless heat pumps are functionally identical to air conditioners. They move warm indoor air outside until the interiors of buildings are comfortably cool. In winter, these units work in reverse to bring warm outdoor air in. Their ability to leverage heat transfer for both indoor heating and indoor cooling means that some of these units have efficiency levels as high as 300%.

Zoned Heating and Cooling Can Help You Save

Heat transfer is just one of many ways in which ductless heat pumps prove their worth in efficiency. With zoned heating and cooling, everyone in your home can have their own indoor air handler and thermostat. This allows building residents to customize temperatures in their immediate zones or rooms according to their preferences. It also means that you don’t have to pay for heating and cooling in spaces that are completely unoccupied. Comparatively, central HVAC heats and cools all areas of homes uniformly.

Ductless Installation Is Minimally Invasive

Having a ductless mini-split heat pump or air conditioner put in is also a minimally invasive process. Very few building modifications must be made. The condenser/compressor unit for a mini-split is installed outdoors in a rear or side yard. Individual air handlers are connected to this unit via thin wiring and refrigerant tubes. Only a single, small-sized hole has to be drilled in the wall of each zone or room that has an air handler.

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