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"A dependable company with great customer service. John was my service technician, he was very professional and he helped get my AC running in no time."

- Caroline B. Google Icon

"For the BEST cooling / refrigeration in Palm Beach think no further than Crest Air. I highly recommend!"

- Nicolas C. Google Icon

"I had a house in contract and had an appt to meet the buyer so she could measure for furniture. When we walked in, a portion of the living room ceiling had fallen through from some sort of leak in the attic where the air handler was located. I immediately called Justin and Adam at Crest Air in a panic asking for help. Within minutes, Adam came by with another technician and did a thorough analysis of the issue. They documented in an email format so that I could easily share it with the Seller, and they offered to fix it on the spot. Crest Air was not only professional and responsive but extremely knowledgeable and always open to explain things when I don't understand the technical terms. And cost-efficient as well! They are my "go-to" for all my listings, personal residences, and clients."

- Cara M. Google Icon