You’re probably familiar with single-zone heating and cooling, where the HVAC system delivers warm or cool air to the entire home at one consistent temperature. There are such things as multi-zone HVAC systems, though. Here’s how they work.

Works Best With a Variable-Speed HVAC System

First off, multi-zone HVAC systems are, of necessity, variable-speed systems. We would never recommend creating different temperature zones with a single-speed system because single-speed systems are meant to heat and cool a specific size of home. If you decrease that size by closing off a zone, you risk putting undue wear on the system’s motor.

Dampers and Multiple Thermostats

For multi-zone heating and cooling, simply divide your home into the appropriate zones and install a thermostat in each one. You could make every room a zone, or if you own a multi-level home, you could make each level a zone. The thermostats will then connect to a central control panel placed in the HVAC system beforehand.

Next, you would install dampers, which are blades that open and close to direct airflow inside the ducts. So, when you heat or cool one zone, the dampers to that zone open while those to the others close.

Mini-Splits Are Multi-Zone Systems

Up to now, we’ve been speaking of central ACs and heaters, but you can get multi-zone heating and cooling while bypassing the need for ducts altogether. Mini-splits are ductless heat pumps that can heat and cool a single room. You would install a compressor outside, and from there, you could connect up to eight air handlers for eight spaces in your home. Each air handler has its own thermostat and directional airflow features.

Many homeowners in Lake Worth, FL, have relied on Crest Air to install their newest HVAC system, including their mini-split system. You can do the same and even have us over for the occasional repair and tune-up. In addition, we provide refrigeration services and deal in a wide range of indoor air quality systems. For more details or to schedule an appointment, call today.

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