In the past, some heat pumps struggled to efficiently produce heat in frigid temperatures. Thanks to modern HVAC advancements, these cost-effective systems can now keep your family warm throughout the winter. Learn more about heat pumps and how they’ve been modernized to safely withstand extreme temperatures.

Heat Pumps in Winter

During the cold season, heat pumps are meant to transfer heat into the home rather than create it. This is why these systems are so energy efficient and eco-friendly. They don’t expend fuel heating the air. However, old air-source heat pumps struggled to find enough warm air to bring inside due to the frigid conditions.

These systems have become the most popular heat pump type today due to their substantial improvements and affordability. Air-source heat pumps were updated with two-speed compressors and electric motors to make them more capable during the winter. They utilize more precise refrigerant flow and boost efficiency by adjusting the blowers’ speed when necessary.

Geothermal heat pumps can naturally handle the cold season by drawing heat from the ground, which doesn’t fluctuate as greatly in temperature. These heat pumps work best in extreme environments with many temperature highs and lows. Water-source heat pumps require a body of water but typically provide a more consistent temperature than air-source systems.

Modern heat pumps have no problem keeping your home warm when the temperature becomes uncomfortably chilly in Lake Worth. To find the perfect system for your location and comfort needs, call us for more information about our Trane and Daikin products.

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