Experts recommend that homeowners get two tune-ups each year: one in spring for their AC and one in autumn for their heater. Regardless of your system’s age, you can reap plenty of benefits if you enroll in a professional maintenance program.

A More Durable System

You probably have a good idea of how much a complete AC or heater replacement can cost. It makes sense, then, to delay installing a new system for as long as possible. Maintenance helps to do just that by addressing several issues that crop up in a system during the year. These may seem minor, such as dirt build-up in the internal components or an out-of-balance fan blade, but they can wear a system down sooner than it should.

For reference, know that your system should at least stay strong for over a decade. For heat pumps and gas furnaces, the number is around 15 years while for mini-splits, the number can be double that. Oil and electric furnaces typically run for 25 years with regular maintenance.

Energy-Efficient Operation

Dirt build-up, a failing motor or compressor and other problems, if one doesn’t spot them and do something about them, will force the heater or AC to work harder to do its job. You may notice that even though you haven’t extended your heating or cooling schedule, your utility bill is going up. Tune-ups prevent this and allow the system to use a minimum of energy in operation, just as the manufacturer had intended.

Fewer Repairs, Greater Peace of Mind

Because maintenance nips so many issues in the bud, you won’t have to worry about the system breaking down in the middle of summer or winter. Whatever repair needs arise will be minor. You may also find that your manufacturer’s warranty kicks in for such repairs.

The NATE-certified technicians at Crest Air can provide yearly tune-ups for your systems here in Lake Worth, FL. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We also provide refrigeration services and boast a wide selection of indoor air quality systems. Call us for more information.

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