Your home has no ducts, and you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing them. Or maybe the age of your home prevents you from installing any. In that case, you can still stay cool during the summer with a ductless AC unit called a mini-split.

Cool One Room or Several

The air handler for a mini-split cools only one room, but since you can connect up to eight air handlers to one compressor, you could still achieve whole-home cooling. You could also cool the spaces central AC can’t reach, such as your garage or work shed.

The way a mini-split works is simple. Refrigerant runs from the compressor to the air handlers, absorbing heat from each space and returning to the compressor to release that heat to the outdoors. Now, let’s look at the benefits:

  • Energy-efficient performance
  • Long life span (30 years if well-maintained)
  • Variable-speed operation
  • Multi-zone cooling
  • Features like directional airflow

Save Money in the Long Run

Ducted ACs will often lose cool air through cracks and holes in the vents, but you can sidestep this issue with a mini-split. Though mini-splits are costly, they more than pay for themselves. By keeping the AC running and minimizing the number of hard start-ups, variable-speed technology can contribute to the system’s durability.

Then there’s the fact that each air handler has a thermostat. Cool only those occupied rooms, and you’ll definitely see a reduction in your monthly bill. Also, use the directional airflow feature so that the air doesn’t blow onto the walls, where it will seep out of your home more quickly.

Over 70 Years of Combined Experience

Crest Air would be happy to take on your mini-split installation project in Lake Worth, FL. Our NATE-certified technicians will work hard to achieve your 100% satisfaction. Besides mini-split work, we repair and maintain HVAC systems of all makes and models and even provide refrigeration services. Call today for your initial appointment.

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