Before the cold winter weather hits, you need to have a plan for how you’re going to heat your home. It’s necessary for your family’s comfort and to keep the components inside of your house, like your water lines, free from damage. There are a few different popular heating options that homeowners are taking advantage of these days.


Probably the most popular type of heating system out there is the furnace. This unit works by burning fuel, such as propane, oil, or gas, to create heat. The heated air is then forced throughout the house via a blower motor and ducting. The ducting and blower motor work to recirculate the air throughout your residence until it reaches the desired temperature that you set on your thermostat.


Boilers utilize gas, oil, or propane to heat up water. Some boiler systems will transport hot water throughout radiators in a home to disperse the heat into various rooms. Other boilers will heat up the water until it turns to steam. Then, it will circulate the steam throughout radiators to heat your property.

Heat Pumps

A great option that provides a high level of energy efficiency is the heat pump. Instead of burning fuel to create heat as furnaces and boilers do, heat pumps simply transfer heat via refrigerant. A heat pump can pull heat out of the air, water, or ground and transport it inside of your house. It can connect to ductwork with a forced-air blower fan or ductless mini-split units.

Electric Baseboards

One heating option that’s super convenient for any homeowner is electric baseboards. These offer the ability of zone heating control, as each baseboard comes with its own thermostat. However, since baseboard heaters run solely off of electricity, they can be overly expensive to run around the clock.

Efficient Heating Specialist

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