When your Lake Worth, FL, home’s heat pump starts malfunctioning, you’ll want a solution fast. However, heat pumps aren’t cheap, and you’ll soon have to choose between repairing or replacing your existing system. But how can you make the right decision? Here’s what you need to know to choose a heat pump repair or replacement.

When To Consider Heat Pump Repair

In general, any time a heat pump repair is a cheaper option than a replacement, most people would choose a repair. However, that’s not always the right choice. In reality, there are a variety of factors that should go into your decision. One of them is how many prior repairs your heat pump has had over the years. If it isn’t the first time your heat pump needed repair, consider how much money you’ve already spent on keeping it running. In most cases, unless your heat pump is nearly brand-new, it’s a better idea to replace a heat pump that keeps breaking down.

When To Replace Your Heat Pump

On average, a heat pump should last for about 15 years if you keep it well-maintained. So, if yours is near that age and needs repair, you should probably opt for a heat pump replacement. Otherwise, you can expect breakdowns with increasing frequency and the costs that come with them. As a rule of thumb, once any repair option gets more costly than one-half of your heat pump’s original cost, it’s time to consider a replacement. A new heat pump should provide years of trouble-free service, which more than justifies the difference in costs between the repair option and a replacement.

Consult the Heat Pump Experts

When your heat pump starts giving you trouble and you need repair, count on Crest Air to help. We offer comprehensive HVAC services, indoor air quality services, smart thermostats, and more in and around Lake Worth. Between our two founders alone, we have 72 years of combined service to customers like you. And our countless five-star customer reviews are a testament to our commitment to offering quality services, excellent customer service, and fair prices in everything we do.

So, for heat pump repairs and replacements in Lake Worth and its surrounding area, contact Crest Air today!

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