If you look online, you’ll find many resources that will guide you through servicing your air conditioner. However, even using the best of these guides isn’t guaranteed to provide optimum results. In fact, taking certain kinds of AC maintenance into your own hands could cause far more harm than good. The only way to reliably maintain an efficient and high-performing air conditioner in your Palm Beach, Florida home is by scheduling professional AC service. Keep reading to find out why.

Your Air Conditioner Requires Brand and Model-Specific Care

Professional AC tune-ups are both comprehensive and needs-specific. Although some general AC maintenance tasks are standard across all cooling systems, certain maintenance requirements are unique to your current AC brand and model. For example, unlike general advice you can find online, professional maintenance addresses developing issues that may become big problems specific to your system.

DIY Maintenance and Repairs Jeopardize Your Warranties

Your air conditioner’s manufacturer warranty requires you to schedule professional AC service once each year. Home insurance plans and home warranty agreements have this requirement as well. Failing to hire a professional to perform your AC maintenance and repair work can result in losing these essential protections.

DIY Maintenance Can Cause Health and Safety Hazards

Tampering with your air conditioner’s wiring and moving parts could set the stage for electrical fires, refrigerant leaks, and other potentially dangerous issues. Overlooking critical steps in your air conditioner’s annual tune-up can also set the stage for ongoing indoor air quality concerns.

There are many important maintenance tasks that you can miss when servicing your air conditioner by yourself. Routine maintenance provided by a qualified professional can boost your home’s indoor air quality, prolong the lifespan of your cooling system, and lower your home energy bill through improved efficiency. Although you might balk at the cost of routine service, it’s most likely the cost-effective choice.

At Crest Air, we work hard to help Palm Beach, Florida residents save money while optimizing their home comfort. We offer air conditioner and heat pump maintenance, installation, and repair services. We also provide indoor air quality solutions. To find out about our preventative maintenance plans or to schedule service, contact Crest Air today.

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