Now, more than ever, improving the quality of air indoors is being stressed throughout the HVAC industry. One strategy that works very well is the use of UV lights together with an HVAC system. How do UV lights help to improve air quality? One way is by reducing contaminants found in the air. The UV lights will disinfect the air when it cycles through the return ducts in your standard cooling and heating equipment.

Purifying the Air in Your Home

UV lights work great at eliminating harmful particles. They can destroy mold, mildew, bacteria growth, and more. These types of lights also break down viruses and stop them from thriving inside buildings. Although UV lights have been mainly used in the past for commercial facilities, such as schools and hospitals, many homeowners have opted to install UV lights in their residence. Installing UV lights alongside your HVAC system can prove beneficial for everyone, especially those who suffer from allergies. Anyone in your home who is sensitive to allergens or pollutants may breathe easier during the spring months.

Preventing Mold in Your HVAC Unit

A buildup of microorganisms can lead to mold in the system. Mold can be dangerous and has been linked to various health problems. If mold is left to grow in the ductwork, it can begin to cause breathing issues for those who suffer from asthma. However, UV lights can help destroy these microorganisms that can eventually lead to bigger problems.

A Reliable, Trusted Company

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