When summer rolls around, you’ll want to ensure that your air conditioner is working well so that you know your house will be cool throughout the season. Cleaning your AC unit is one of the simplest ways of ensuring that it stays in working condition for a long time.

The Inside Unit

The first step to cleaning your air conditioner is turning off the power at the electrical box so that you can be safe. The next step is to begin taking care of the indoor part of the air conditioner, which you’ll usually find in the attic, basement, or utility closet.

Next, you’ll need to take off the door to this unit so that you can reach the evaporator coils and drip tray. Brush off any dust on the evaporator coils, and take the drip tray out so that you can put it in a solution of bleach and water.

Finally, clean out the evaporator line by finding where it empties. This will usually be either a drain in the basement or a hose on the outside wall of the house. Take this line and use a wet vacuum to suck the end of the line for a couple of minutes to pull out any debris.

The Outside Unit

You should also take the time to clean off the outside unit, which will usually be located on the side of the house. You can clean this out by first taking the screws out of the top of the air conditioner so that you can lift the grate off.

The next step is to clear away any loose debris, such as twigs, leaves, and dirt. You can use a vacuum cleaner with an attachment, or you can gently spray the dirt or mud away with a garden hose.

You should also clean the condenser coils with a solution that’s specially made for them. You can find this at a home improvement store. Finally, make sure that all of the fins are straight. The last step is to turn the switch in the electrical box back on and set the thermostat to cool.

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