There’s nothing much worse than coming home after a long day at work to an apartment or house with no air conditioning. The situation becomes even more daunting if you rent your residence. Not only do you have to suffer through the heat until you get the AC fixed, but you have to rely on the landlord to fix it for you.

Fortunately, as a tenant in Palm Springs, Florida, you have certain rights you can use to your advantage to get the AC working.

Air Conditioning Rights for Palm Springs Tenants

In the state of Florida, landlords don’t have to provide air conditioning in their rental units. They do, however, have to make sure that the units provide suitable living conditions.

Can Renters Withhold Rent for a Broken AC?

In the state of Florida, there are certain conditions under which renters can legally withhold paying rent to a landlord for a broken AC unit. In most instances, this rule applies under the following conditions:

  • Rental agreement states landlord is responsible for repairing appliances
  • Tenant informs landlord in writing AC unit isn’t working properly
  • Seven days pass without landlord fixing the broken appliance

What Is an AC Maintenance Emergency in Palm Springs?

According to the maintenance emergency law (section 83.201 of Florida Law), a warranted repair request is one that falls in line with any applicable laws and statutes in the rental agreement.

Any time a warranted repair request is made in writing, the landlord has seven days to address the issue. This doesn’t necessarily mean the AC gets fixed within seven days, but it does mean the tenant can withhold rent until the repair is made once seven days have passed since the request was made. It also gives a tenant the right to vacate the premises without making any additional rental payments or enduring any negative consequences for breaking the lease.

Air Conditioning Services in Palm Springs

You don’t have to travel far to keep your AC operating in optimal condition in your Palm Springs rental unit. Some of the top services Crest Air offers in the area include:

  • AC repair
  • AC installation
  • AC maintenance
  • Mini-split heating and cooling
  • Indoor air quality

The Takeaway

Crest Air offers a variety of heating and cooling services in Palm Springs and the surrounding areas. Our customers come to us to improve indoor air quality, purchase new HVAC units, take advantage of refrigeration services, and more.

Contact Crest Air now to learn more about air conditioning services in Palm Springs and your right as a tenant.

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