Like any other mechanical equipment, furnaces make some noise when operating. However, normal noises are relatively unnoticeable. So, if you notice your furnace has become noisier than usual, or you begin hearing a sound you’ve never heard before, that usually indicates there’s something wrong with your equipment, and you need to take prompt action.

Here are a few reasons your furnace could be making unusual sounds.

Broken Blower Wheel

A broken blower wheel makes a furnace produce scrapping sounds, categorized as metal-against-metal sounds, while running. Probably, the blower fan has loosened and is producing this sound by hitting against the casing. If you notice this sound, switch off the furnace right away and call in a qualified HVAC technician from Crest Air for a complete HVAC system inspection.

Dirty Burners

If your furnace’s burners have become dirty, you might hear a loud bang when you switch on the furnace. Clogged burners pose risks as they can delay ignition. Delayed ignition can cause the gas to accumulate and then explode when you turn on the ignition. Annual tune-ups can help keep this problem at bay.

Faulty Heat Exchanger

If you notice rattling sounds coming from your furnace, you probably have a faulty heat exchanger. The lack of airflow is among the major causes of a damaged heat exchanger. If the airflow gets restricted by dirty filters, coils, and blowers, heat can accumulate in the heat exchanger, causing cracks. This usually occurs if you neglect your furnace for an extended period. Carbon monoxide can leak into your home if your furnace has a cracked heat exchanger. Whenever you notice a rattling sound coming from your furnace, contact Crest Air immediately.

Faulty Blower Motor

If you notice loud rattling or screeching sounds when you switch on your furnace, the blower motor bearings or the blower motor itself could be the problem. The blower motor pushes the heated air out of the furnace and via the air ducts into your house. It usually needs lubrication to stay in top shape. Although you can add the lubricant yourself, it’s crucial to call in a specialist for a professional inspection, oiling, and other needed maintenance services.

Damaged or Loose Blower Belt

If your furnace features a belt-controlled motor, a squealing sound can ensue when the belt loosens. This noise can also ensue when shaft bearings and other moving parts become dry. During tune-ups, our technicians lubricate all moving parts to keep your furnace in peak condition throughout winter. Over time, the blow belt needs adjustment or replacement. Although you can adjust the blower belt on your own, never try to replace a faulty blower belt. Leave the work to a professional because the sound might other causes.

Whatever the furnace noise or concern, experts at Crest Air are ready to help with all your heating and cooling needs in Palm Beach, FL, and nearby areas. If you need furnace installation, repair, or maintenance, we’ll offer you a lasting solution to end the annoying noises and enhance your comfort in your Palm Beach home. Call us today.

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