Just like any other HVAC unit, heat pumps use a filter that works to prevent dust and debris from getting inside the ductwork and damaging the blower fan. To ensure that your heat pump continues heating and cooling effectively, you need to make sure to replace the air filter at least once every 30 to 90 days. If you have a reusable filter, you will need to wash it just as often. Let’s take a look at where heat pump air filters can be located and how to change them.

Locating the Air Filter

Heat pump air filters are typically always installed in one of two locations. The most common location is inside the air handler cabinet where the blower fan is located. In some cases, the filter is instead located just behind the return-air vent where the blower draws air into the return ductwork. Larger homes often have more than one return-air vent, in which case there may be a filter inside each vent. If you’re not sure where your filter is, the easiest thing to do is take the cover off of your return vent to see if there is a filter behind it. If there isn’t, then the filter is inside the air handler cabinet.

How to Replace the Air Filter

If the air filter is in the return duct, you’ll need to take the cover off of the vent and then remove the old filter. When installing the new filter, make sure that the arrow on the side of it points into the vent or else the filter won’t work.

If the filter is inside the air handler cabinet, you will first want to go to your main electrical panel and shut off the circuit breaker that controls your HVAC system. This is important for preventing any risk of accidental electrocution should you touch any of the blower fan components. Once the power is off, open the door to the air handler cabinet. Depending on your system, you may need to remove a few screws to access the cabinet. Now all you need do is take out the old filter and put the new one in its place, making sure that the arrows are pointing in the same direction that the air flows.

If you’re unsure where your air filter is or have any issues replacing it, Crest Air is here to help. We specialize in heat pump repairs, maintenance, and installation, and we also offer air conditioning, ductless mini-split, refrigeration, and indoor air quality services. Contact us today if you need any heating or cooling service in the Palm Beach area.

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