The ductwork in your home delivers all the cooled and dehumidified air from your air conditioner. Leaky ducts, insufficient ducts or damaged ductwork has a direct impact on your comfort, well-being and wallet. Let’s take a look at three of the benefits of having new ductwork installed.

1. Improved Climate Control

Old, leaky ductwork or ducts with cracks, gaps or other damage allow the cooled and dehumidified air to seep into unused areas of your home. Instead of all the cool air reaching your living space, some of it may be lost to the wall voids, crawl space, slab or attic. By installing new ductwork, your home will have a more consistent temperature and humidity level, and you’ll feel more comfortable. Your home’s air will be cleaner with properly sealed and intact ductwork, which prevents dust and debris from blowing into your living spaces.

2. Smaller Carbon Footprint

Your HVAC system uses a lot of electricity. By installing more efficient ductwork, your home won’t use as much power for heating or air conditioning. Lower electrical use means a smaller carbon footprint. You can feel confident knowing that you’re doing your part to conserve resources without having to sacrifice your level of comfort.

3. Lower Utility Bills

Nobody wants to pay any more money to the utility company than absolutely necessary. When you install new ductwork, your air conditioner won’t have to cycle as frequently. You’ll also feel more comfortable, so you won’t be fiddling with the thermostat as much. Fewer cooling cycles means lower utility bills. The small investment in new ductwork will pay for itself when your monthly utility bills are consistently lower.

If you’re not in need of new ductwork today, we also offer dehumidifiers, indoor air quality, ductless mini splits and refrigeration services. Our heating and cooling maintenance, repair and installation services promote year-round comfort. For more information about the benefits of new ductwork or to schedule an estimate for ductwork installed, get in touch Crest Air in Palm Beach, FL, today!

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